Used Cars – Second Hand Cars – Suggestions For Choosing a Good One


Audi used car ShrewsburyWhen Not to Buy

Don’t buy a vehicle when it is raining or in poor light/ the dark, the bodywork always looks far better when it’s wet, plus, there is a high probability when it is raining that you will rush your inspection and as a result neglect to examine something important due to hurrying to get out of the wet.

Be Sure to Really LOOK at the Vehicle!

Make sure that you take some time to stand at the front, or the back of the vehicle, and look carefully along the body line. This way you will certainly be able to see if it has had any kind of body damage as the light mirroring off the side of the vehicle will reveal the dents or new or substituted panels.

Tell Tale Paint Spray Marks

Examine around the window rubbers for vestiges of paint spray. If you see any this is a big giveaway that the auto as been extensively repaired.

Mind the Gaps…

Inspect the clearances in the tiny gaps between the panels, and do this on both sides of the vehicle. This is an excellent sign as to whether this used car has actually suffered from damage in a mishap and had some panels changed for new ones during a repair.

Get Out and Use that Fridge Magnet!

If the vehicle is over 5 years old, take with you in your pocket a fridge magnet and inspect the bodywork for glass fibre filler. The magnet will certainly stay fixed to the panel surface when touching metal, however will fall off if it is in the proximity of glass-fibre physical body filler.

A used Ford Capri

Buying a used car may be the only way to own a dream machine like this, but the risks are far higher than buying a new vehicle.

Is the Wear Consistent With Vehicle Age and Mileage?

Have a look at the interior of the automobile, does the wear inside the vehicle look in keeping with the odometer mileage. If the vehicle resembles the sort of wear and tear typical when it has done 100,000 that’s OK, but take a wide berth and ignore any car that is that age but does not show a corresponding amount of wear and tear damage on the paintwork.

Inspect the wheel, and accelerator pedal rubber tops for too much wear, the clutch as well as brake pedal rubbers could have been be changed, however the wear you see on the accelerator pedal is a great deal more challenging for a cheat to transform, and also will give a truer indication of mileage.

Stylish little used FiatLook at the Ground Below the Vehicle

Examine underneath the vehicle for any oil or water leakages, additionally inspect the floor where the car has been standing for a period of time.

Look for Scuffed Tyres and Tyres Unevenly Worn

Check the tires for irregular wear, if the tires are worn a lot more on one side than the other its an indication that the car might have been a participant in a crash and the chassis has become twisted. It could possibly additionally be the monitoring or wheel balancing which has not been properly maintained. Either way, it’s not the best indication of a well looked after vehicle.

Drive It! But Turn that Radio Off if You Really Want to Get a Good Used Car!

Drive the vehicle, (with the radio off) as well as listen-out for any type of in-car knocks or other strange noises. Inspect the steering for vibration, or pulling over to one side, that would be an indicator once again that the automobile might have participated in a crash. Ensure you drive the automobile in all gears to inspect the gearbox.

Do a 3 Point Turn in the Vehicle – Ask the Seller/ Salesperson First!

Try a 3 point turn in the automobile, that will make use the reverse gear, and also if you place the steering-wheel on full lock you will have the ability to inspect the wheel bearings for play as well as the steering.

Milk in the Oil!

A Frog-Eye Sprite seen in ShrewsburyWhen the engine is currently very hot, check the oil, if it is milk-like there is water getting in someplace, which could possibly show a head gasket – that can be really costly to get repaired. The oil should be filled to in between the 2 marks on the dipstick. If the oil is brand-new beware, few people will change the oil on an automobile the day prior to they sell it unless they are trying to conceal something. Also examine the water tank for indications of oil, not a good sign.

Don’t Forget to look at the Paperwork…

Last of all, inspect the documents. Ensure the registration paper is in the vendors name. They could be a trader aiming to impersonate an exclusive vendor. Examine the MOT making certain its present. Check the solution record making sure it matches the automobile being marketed. Likewise you could intend to examine the engine as well as body number to see if it matches what is on the registration paper. You will locate that details on a small steel plate located under the chapeau. If home plate is missing be dubious.

Check the Vehicle’s Ownership Through a 3rd Party Service

It’s likewise a great idea to get the auto HPI checked. This will certainly inform you if the auto has been taken, remained in an and also accident, or is on financing. It sets you back around 35 pounds Sterling, but well worth it.


If you adhere to these regulations when getting a good used car you won’t go far wrong. If you can’t be troubled to undergo the hassle, then get your automobile from an investor, she or he will certainly have already done all these checks to cover himself prior to they purchases the vehicle. I would deny a sale on an auto without doing these checks initially.

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